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Hello there.
I am Chelsie Lorin Micek- a designer, illustrator, adventure seeker & wonderer based in San Diego, CA.
You can usually find me in a small, yet-to-be-discovered, creatively decorated craft coffee shop working away, almond milk latte in hand while listening to chill lofi or jazzy beats!
Always enrolled in painting and art classes, I was raised up loving to draw and to create beautiful things. Little did I know that my calling and future would guide me to being able to create things for a career the rest of my life!
Now as an adult, after a handful of years wearing in my design business with experience in different types of design, I have found a love of storytelling! Through illustrating, designing custom brands & projects such as book/album cover design, I get the opportunity of working with the most amazing clients to bring their stories and vision to life!
Getting to partner with clients who have a story to tell or a vision to cast is one of the best things I could have ever imagined to do for a living. Through storytelling, we are able to authentically and uniquely impact, inspire & encourage countless numbers of people.
I’d love to hear what project you are working on and how I could help bring your vision to life!

Always be on the lookout
for the presence of wonder.
-EB White

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Brand identities, ecommerce platforms, videos, creative content and mobile applications for platforms.

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